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Comedic Genius: Mel Gibson vs Old Spice Man

This has to be one of the best mashups I’ve seen in a long time. From the talented people at smallpoppy, very well done and the timing is brilliant.

Good thing is they had plenty of material to choose from, not just Gibson’s rants but also from the 180+ videos coming out of the brilliant Old Spice responses idea. Parodies often tear down a brand but in this case Old Spice can be happy they’re the hero while Gibson takes the heat (as he should). Enjoy.

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iPhone Fan vs PhoneMart Employee

Another hilarious production made possible by xtranormal. This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while, and absolutely worth reposting. As much as I fall into Apple fanboy mentality sometimes, stuff like this is a good reminder to shake you back to reality of how annoying it can be to those who don’t buy into the madness (for more on that, see The Onion’s brilliant ‘Apple Friend Bar’).

And, the fact that this scenario probably isn’t too far from the truth in many situations is an amazing reminder of just how much people buy into this brand.

For better or worse.


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Bad but good: PowerBar and Lamar Odom

Saw this on heavy rotation last night while fading in and out of a cold med induced coma. This is one of those things that is so, so bad, I have to believe the absurdity was intentional.

Which therefore makes it kind of awesome.

"Get out of my way, Saturn!"


Only thing I wonder is— why put this on TV at all? Some smart online distribution would’ve likely garnered up plenty of talk value, positive and negative, and might have freed up some cash for other initiatives so that this didn’t feel so out of place with their site experience.

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FOD: the origins of ‘that’s what she said’

Another classic from the guys at Funny Or Die. Even a passive fan of The Office will appreciate this. A bit NSFW, unless you work at an ad agency, which I’m guessing of the small handful of people that read this, the majority of you do.

Everyone says that someday you have to grow up, but I have to say…immature humor never gets old.

<div style=”text-align:left;font-size:x-small;margin-top:0;width:512px;”>That’s What She Said from Megan Mullally</div>

As an added bonus, a compilation of TWSS from The Office itself (a little dated now, but still good for a laugh).

</object> And if all that still isn’t good enough to satisfy an afternoon laugh, then hit up TWSS stories (has a bit of an FML ripoff feeling to it, but for what it’s worth, still funny as hell).

Enjoy. (found via @mikearauz)

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