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NYT proves newspapers relevance…with a TV spot?

By now you’ve likely seen this spot the NYT produced in response to the WSJ launching it’s own New York focused offering. In and of itself, the spot isn’t bad, honestly. What’s slightly strange to me is the fact that, as the newspaper industry is struggling to prove its relevance in a new era, the NYT felt the best way to get its point across was not to rely on the superiority of it’s actions (such as their fantastic interactive features), and instead spend time and money talking about how superior they are. I’m not going on a rant about TV spots here, but simply wondering whether the money could have prob been better spent reinvesting in their already superb digital offering, and thinking about how to further increase that value for people. Also, seems to be a rather telling statement that TV was a newspapers medium of choice to get its message out.

Curious to hear other thoughts. Smart move? Waste of money?

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NYT breaks down healthcare

Without getting caught up in the politics of it (if you know me or follow me elsewhere, you likely know my opinion of last nights vote), today the NYT has yet another smart graphic which breaks down healthcare reforms implications by interest group (say, you’re an individual who is currently insured— you get the plain, bulleted facts on what it means for you).

Sometimes I think the NYT has done a better job clarifying and communicating the administrations goals and desires when it comes to healthcare better than the admin itself, particularly in the past few months. While its certainly not the prettiest graphic the Times has ever produced, it’s simple, straightforward, and to the point. Yet another signal that despite the papers struggles (along with its industry), there are still innovative elements in the organization pushing to create rich and immersive experiences, that could represent whatever future is in store for them.

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