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succumbing to iPad fever

I’ve been actively trying to avoid going too crazy with technolust for the iPad, not because I don’t think it is going to be fantastic but largely because I just didn’t want to go for the first generation only to get pissed off when the far better next gen comes out. But today’s news about the Netflix streaming app that’s now available (along with rumors of the upcoming Hulu app) which seem to solve (at least in part) some of the iPads video woes are pushing me to seriously reconsider my decision so far. Probably too late to jump on the bandwagon now, but at this point I didn’t expect to be feeling guilty about not going for it straight out of the gate. Add to that what looks to be hundreds of apps already approved, and I feel my doubts about holding out growing stronger.

Anyone else try to holdout and now rethinking that decision? Maybe there’s a facebook support group for it.

(ill leave off with a taste of some of those approved apps via, app advice and mashable

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